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Friday, July 31, 2009

Test Results!

I got an official re-cap of my pre-post Clomid Blood Tests! I'm going to spend some time researching what each of these means, but if you have experience to share about them, please do!

Pre Clomid Tests
LH: 3.45
FSH: 4.78
Estraiol: 27

Post Clomid Tests
LH: 9.12
FSH: 4.42
Estraiol: 170

FSH level is fine. Around a Nine or below is considered normal. This is the hormone that stimulates ovulation.

LH: Increased levels of LH can be indicators of ovary failure.

Estraiol: Pre Clomid levels should be between 25-75. Post should be above 100 or 2x the Pre Clomid Levels. Again, looks good!

So, what DOES this mean? Well, right now.. not much, other than there really isn't anything wrong that they can see right now! YAY! Does anyone have anything to add about their experiences?


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  1. Thank you! I will check that website out!

    You are welcome for the support, and I appreciate the support from you as well!