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Friday, July 24, 2009


Ovulation Predictor Kits are now at the point of being remotely useful. After finishing Clomid, I was advised to not use them for a couple of days because the drug might affect the reading. I started to read them on Tuesday the 14th. I've also learned to keep them, regardless of the reading so I can compare them with other days to see if a faint line might be less faint than other faint lines... if this makes sense.

So, moving on. I've done three tests... One Tuesday, 7/22, this morning 7/24 and this evening.
Here's the pictures of them:
So, as you can see with a bad picture that I just couldn't make better... 7/22 is a WAY faint line, then both 7/24's are much more solid. I'm going to keep testing once a day to see if there is any change... but to me, I think that 7/24 or last night might have been when it happened! TMI, maybe, but 7/22 and tonight are scheduled TTC nights. I'm hoping that we can hit it this time!

I will be photographing and saving each series, so I can start to track what my body says when it's ovulating.

In other news, I spent the afternoon yesterday talking with Quality Control from Providence about my experience I had with the OB/GYN there. I felt great about the conversation, I was heard, and I didn't sound like a bitch... but I definitely got my needs and concerns out in a cohesive manner. Phone calls are not my forte, so I'm happy about how it went.

I'm quite happy with the new OB/GYN that I have at SWFP and I'm hoping to ask more questions of her as I actually get closer to being pregnant, about hospital privileges and such.


  1. Did you have any side effects with Clomid? My doc wants to put me on it because my cycles are 50 days and she thinks I'm not ovulating. Let me know, thanks!

  2. Good Question! Personally, I had absolutely no side effects from the Clomid. However, if you research a bit one might get quite scared from the list of possible side effects. When asking the dr about this though, she said the biggest SE she heard of was major mood swings... Picture it as something that really kicks your PMS into gear. So, if you have bad PMS symptoms, it might affect you more than if you didn't.

    Please feel free to follow my blog and stay tuned! I wish you luck upon your journey!