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Monday, July 20, 2009

A large Update post

I've been slack in crossposting to here from my personal blog. But, there is a lot to tell, so here it is... the past week or so. (In order of least recent to most recent;)

July 15: Failed OB/GYN Appt
Okay, I've had a chance to breathe. So here we go.
For reasons that are apparent to most, my first OB/GYN appt was less than exciting to go to. thankfully, the person who was my nurse asked great questions, and thankfully was also very understanding. I wish I could say the same about my dr. I knew what I came in there to get, a medication to help me ovulate, but I felt like I couldn't just go directly there. So, I answered her stupid non-relevant questions, and then she wanted me to wait 60 more days until she would prescribe the clomid, because she just "felt like it." Her reasoning was because it was day 4 after my last period, but through my research, and friends who are going through the same thing, I can start clomid up to day 7 of my period. She wasn't understanding, she didn't tell me what she was doing during the exam, and never really seemed to care about my symptoms or my questions.
I'm currently out of the furious stage, and tomorrow I am planning on calling the minute they open and requesting (and by requesting, I mean telling them they will prescribe, in so many words) that I get the medication I need. if I need to go in and see someone else tomorrow, I will drop everything and go. Time is an issue, and I'm not waiting 60-80 days to get what I know I need to get to regulate my cycles. I'm really feeling empowered. I spent some time talking with Kristy who is also TTC, and is on Clomid, so I feel very confident in what I am requesting. Thankfully, her dr is in the same office, so if I am denied by my current (though no longer my) doctor I will be moving to him, regardless that he is a boy.
I'm relating very much to the "pack leader" mentality, as I am feeling like such a bear right now. needless to say, my appt did not go well, and phone calls will be made and "not leaving the dr office until i see someone else"ness will be happening tomorrow.

July 16; New OB/GYN
Yup, that's right. I met with another Dr today, and finally got the clomid I needed! I took my first dose tonight. The dr was really sweet and really talked to me about my concerns.
I had my blood drawn today, and will again on Tuesday (last day of my Clomid for this cycle). I also am going into have a ultrasound where they inject dye (EW!) into my reproductive system to make sure all my "pipes" go where they should blah blah blah. I'm not looking forward to that, not really sure where they actually inject you.. cough cough. there? or through my stomach? I haven't a clue.
I'm thrilled with today. I still haven't heard from the 1st dr office nurse manager, and I spent part of the afternoon filling out an official medical complaint against the OB from yesterday.
So, theory has it that I could do a pregnancy test BEFORE the trip to Canada, and still be able to one up my 80 year old newly wed aunt! ;)

July 18; Ultrasound
I'm nervous about this ultrasound procedure.
There is a varied amount of pain associated, anywhere from IV drugs to nothing at all.
I'm nervous that the next step of my life, having a child, may never be achieved.

July 19; OPK
Today I bought an ovulation predictor kit. Thankfully, and hopefully, this month will be the first out of the past 7 where I can actually use one of these to help me plan. My last day on clomid is tomorrow night, then I have the ultrasound (of doom) and a blood draw in the evening. I'm going to most likely start using the OPK on Monday. (ETA; I can't start Ovulation Prediction until Thursday.)

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