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Monday, July 27, 2009


So, the blood tests came back with some encouraging news... I think.

My FSH levels (which encourage ovulation) came back as a 4.1/4.7. As I'm researching what that means, I've found that a high FSH level (15 or higher) is a barrier to possible conception. My levels are within the healthy range, and my dr is encouraged by that.

See here:
Day 3 FSH level Interpretation for DPC Immulite assay
Less than 9 Normal FSH level. Expect a good response to ovarian stimulation.
9 - 11 Fair. Response is between normal and somewhat reduced (response varies widely). Overall, a slightly reduced live birth rate.
11- 15 Reduced ovarian reserve. Expect a reduced response to stimulation and some reduction in embryo quality with IVF. Reduced live birth rates on the average.
15 - 20 Expect a more marked reduction in response to stimulation and usually a further reduction in embryo quality. Low live birth rates. Antral follicle count is an important variable.
Over 20 This is pretty much a "no go" level in our center. Very poor (or no) response to stimulation. "No go" levels should be individualized for the particular lab assay and IVF center.

This is very encouraging. The Dr also noted to me that I do have an egg reserve, which is also good news! The HSG procedure obviously wasn't a total success, as they were only able to see one ovary's path through my tubes.. but one ovary is enough to conceive. She was saying too, if I ovulate only once every other month, it might take a bit longer to conceive. We are going to try Clomid again next cycle if I get a period (aka, don't get pregnant) at the end of this cycle.

So, all I can do now really is wait... and I hate waiting.


  1. I looked close and I think 7/25 is the darkest, although it is close to 7/28's too.
    Does it make a difference what time you take the test? I see some are early morning, some mid day, and some at night. I didnt know if those are affected or not but as of now 7/25 looks like a GREAT DAY!

  2. Sure did! The time of day doesn't really matter too much. A positive OPK generally means that within 24-36 hours of the test is when you will ovulate.

    I know about todays test.. I've been looking at them too much to really tell. I'm starting to see dark lines in light lines and light lines on dark lines! Haha! Maybe I'll buy one more OPK for this cycle, and keep testing to see if it goes down further!