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Monday, June 29, 2009

Update- Day 69- Cycle 3

Tragically, the human side of Julia has reared it's ugly head. I found out my counterpart at the office, who was married the same day as I, is now 7 weeks pregnant.

Jealous and a bit annoyed, yes. Happy for her? Not yet. I've been unable to acknowledge her as of yet with the obligatory "congrats about the baby" stuff. I don't want to say it until I mean it. Am I a horrible person? I feel like a bit of one right now.

In other news, I definately feel odd, hot then cold, shaky and a bit dizzy. My blood test said no baby, but who knows at this point? I think I might check that out tonight with another HPT to see if something has changed.

Otherwise, I'm now on day 69 of this cycle. I'm going to see a OB/GYN (YUCK!) in a couple of weeks to see if I might have PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome). The weight gain and feeling icky could be connected with that, and that could explain the long cycles that are erratic. There's virtually no chance of concieving with the length and erratic cycles. I need some help.

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