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Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. Appt- Day 55, Cycle 3

Well, after the weekend's events, I've made an appt with the dr. I will be getting a blood test to confirm or disprove that I am pregnant. Either way, something has to give. I'm either going to get some drugs to kick roundhouse kick cycle into some sort of normalcy, or I'm popping out a kid in 9 months. No in between. I can't do this 'yes' on minute 'no' another thing any longer. Thankfully, this time was much less traumatic than the time before. I wished I hadn't had that time before at all, but it made the disappointment much easier to bear.

I could see how lately I've been "feeling pregnant" but who knows.. Might be psychosematic.

If I'm pregnant right now, I'm 5 weeks along and due in the beginning of February (Feb 10, 2010.) Jon found out that if I am preggers, right now is when the little blob gets a heart beat. According to Dr Spock (Not the vulcan) "eyes are starting to form, a mouth-like opening appears near the "head"; finger and toes are beginning to form. The brain now has three recognizable divisions, as it does in the fully-developed baby and adult."

It's an odd feeling, much like being taken over by aliens, (which obviously i know a lot about) having a creature inside of me. Man, the first time I feel it kick or move is going to be a weird sensation.

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