Ethan's Age

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Figure it out already!

I wish my body could figure out whether it is pregnant or not. I'm 5 days late, supposedly, and I've gotten like 80 negative pregnancy tests. I'm now pondering investing money in stocks in the pee on a stick industry, as I'm going to support it just on my own by the time all is said and done. I, one person, will single handedly save the country from it's economic crisis. I can see it now, the potential conspiracies surrounding ways to keep me guessing, in order to get my investment in their sticks.

It's funny, cause I could potentially have pregnancy symptoms, but it might all be in my head. Wishful thinking most likely, but dang it body, get with the program! Don't toy with me. Gah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Deal

I'll take care of the vomit, Julia can take care of the poop. Julia can take care of the bloody wounds/broken bones, I'll take care of the scratches, scrapes, and pee. Fair is fair. That way I take care of something more major that happens less often (vomit), and something less major that happens more often (scratches, scrapes, and pee). This deal also means that Julia takes care of something more major that happens less often (bloody wounds/broken bones), and something less major that happens more often (poop). Marriage is all about compromise...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Post 2.5

BTW, I thought I'd share the deal I worked out. I don't have to deal with vomit. Ever. That's the way it will be. If I had MY way, I'd never deal with my own vomit. Ever.

Jon seems to think that this deal includes me having to deal with every other bodily fluid... but I think there shoul be a far exchange... He does vomit, I'll do blood.

I think this is fair.

Post 2.0

Perhaps I shouldn't be disappointed. I'm sure there are so many people who try for a month to get preggers and just don't. Like Jon said below, I think my mind has transitioned from someone who wants to just work hard and come home to my husband and lounge to someone who wants to be a mom more than anything else.

Good gracious, I'm sure when the blob is finally a teen who just is going nuts, I'll look back and think how easy it was to just have myself and Jon. Let's hope right?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blog Entry 1.5

I'm not quite sure what my approach is going to be on here... I think it's going to be a repository of thoughts more than anything, which will probably work better than trying to carry any theme or direction through this. I'm also aware that I'm not quite sure who's going to be reading this, which is another reason to use it as, more than anything else, a reflection of where I'm at as we go through this whole process. This may pose an interesting problem content-wise (or, more specifically, language-wise), but I suppose that we're all adults here, so people can choose what to read and not to read (maybe I'll even throw up some advisories at the top of my posts if there are certain language or content issues that people may not want to see, although I can really only foresee language issues, as I'm not sure where I'd go with the content that'd be so out there, but who knows).

So here it goes... some pro's and con's running through my mind considering that it looks like we're 0 for 1 since we've "pulled the goalie" and this first round of trying draws to a close. The pro's include more time to build a financial cushion, more time before our future kid gets too big for our condo and we're forced to upgrade to a house (although we'd like to upgrade to a house sooner rather than later, but on our own terms, rather than being forced), and avoiding the issue of having a kid's birthday close to Christmas (no "happy birthday/merry christmas" combination, leaving the kid forced to consolidate two of the best kid holidays into one event). The con is having to wait longer for a kid now that we're ready and have both settled into the idea. The con, without a doubt, outweighs any pro's I can think of - especially now that the birthday/christmas problem shouldn't be an issue (which, oddly enough, was really kind of concerning me).

[language advisory]

On a separate note, I wanted to name the blog "our future mother-fucking, rolley-polley, chubby-cheecked shit-machine*"... I guess the name we settled on is more concise, but less poetic.

*There's an example of possible language issues as well... let's see how long it takes before the wife makes me take that down :-)